Monday, March 8, 2010

Challenge: Week Two Wrap-Up

I can't believe it's been a week since I've last posted something. I was supposed to post every couple of days during my challenge, but this week has been insanely busy (which is a good thing).

Last week I started back with my exercise program. I am working my way up to being back at CrossFit Addiction. Before I can get back there, I need to first find a job (urgh) and then make sure my endurance and strength is back to where it was before I injured myself. So, this week, with my wonderful workout partner (my husband) we started following CrossFit's Beginner program. I can't run due to previous ankle and knee injuries, but the elliptical has been a great replacement. I am also rotating into the schedule The Bar Method and Amy Bento's Kettlebell Dynamics Workouts (both on DVD).

Exercise Results for the Week: 4 days = 2 hours 32 minutes = 2431 calories burned

Support Groups and Speakers
While doing research last week, trying to find more blogs and recipe ideas, I discovered that Dr. Stephen Wangen was going to be in town. He was speaking at the Atlanta Metro Celiac Support Group (a chapter of the Gluten Intolerance Group) Saturday morning. So, naturally I grabbed my support (my husband) and we headed out to hear this expert speak. I have followed Dr. Wangen's blog for some time, and have found valuable information from him. So, to have the honor to hear him speak, and get a signed copy of his book "Healthier Without Wheat", was an honor, and something we couldn't pass up.

If you haven't heard of Dr. Stephen Wangen, he's worth the time to research. Here are some links....his blog... IBS Treatment Center... and the Center for Food Allergies.

I have done amazing on the program this week - even eating out twice this week. I have found that making meal plans for the week that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks has been a HUGE tool to my success. The other was cleaning out the refrigerator of anything remaining that was not safe.

Recap and Stats
So here's a recap of the week....
  • All of my meals, including the ones I had at Joe's Crab Shack and Longhorn Steakhouse, have been free of any gluten, soy and casein
  • I am doing amazingly great without caffeine. I've had a few headaches, but they are improving.
  • My water intake has improved greatly since last week. I am hitting my 64 ounce mark everyday, and starting to surpass that amount, making my way to the 72-100 ounces I have as my daily goal.
  • As the first part of my post states... I was able to start exercising again this week, and I'm having great results.
  • And... I lost another 2 pounds!!!!
And an update of my stats...

Height: 5 foot, 1/2 inch (yes, I count this half-inch)
Starting Weight: 214.5
Current Weight: 210.5
Weight Lost to Date: 4 pounds
Starting BMI: 41.9 (ouch!!!)
Current BMI: 41.1
BMI Change to Date: down .8 points
Pants Size: 18-22
Shirt Size: XL, 1X or 14-16

I feel like I have made great strides this week. I have learned more, and am finally feeling a peace settle through me. And that is a pretty amazing feeling.

So with that... Here's to continuing on my journey to become a Healthier, Stronger, Skinnier version of myself (basically rediscovering who I used to be).


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