Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Challenge: Week One Wrap-up

This post comes a few days past the end of the Week 1, but has lots of successes none-the-less.

Back on February 22nd, I made a commitment and challenge to myself to start living within the confines of my intolerances to certain foods: gluten, casein, and soy. I've made this commitment several times to myself, but something was always holding me back. Even though I would feel much better, it always seemed I struggled - even with the gusto of the beginnings of a new week, and a new chance. This time things seemed different.

I felt more empowered, felt like I finally had the support and resources I needed, and a determination to finally claim my life and my health back from the things that hold me hostage: the exhaustion, the headaches, the sicknesses, the pains, the uncertainty of not being able to be a biological-Mom, and even worse the hope and faith that I was starting to lose what my heart desires most.

So, after making a my declaration on Facebook and embarrassingly admitting what I currently weigh, I embarked on my journey. Now a week into my journey, this is how things are going....
  •  All of my meals, including the one I had at Ted's Montana Grill, have been free of any gluten, soy and casein
  • I was able to cut out caffeine 3 days earlier than I had originally intended
  • My water intake needs some major improving. There were many days where I didn't get in the base minimum water (64 ounces), much less what I need to have on a daily basis to support my weight and exercise habits
  • Due to debilitating headaches that I suffered from the initial detoxing, I didn't get any exercise into my routines
  • And... I lost 2 pounds!!!! 
Update of my stats...

Height: 5 foot, 1/2 inch (yes, I count this half-inch)
Starting Weight: 214.5
Current Weight: 212.5
Weight Lost to Date: 2 pounds
Starting BMI: 41.9 (ouch!!!)
Current BMI: 41.5
BMI Change to Date: down .4 points
Pants Size: 18-22
Shirt Size: XL, 1X or 14-16

There is still much to improve on, but I feel like I have a solid foundation now to continue on with this journey. The next few weeks will have it's challenges, but I feel that those challenges will be more positive than negative, and that with those challenges, I'll see great success.

So with that... Here's to becoming continuing on my journey to become a Healthier, Stronger, Skinnier version of myself (basically rediscovering who I used to be).


heather said...

Keri, this is SO fantastic! You are motivated and your journey is going to be so rewarding each week! I can't wait to check in on you next week :-)
And CHEERS to rediscovering who you used to be!! One of my mottos of the past two years :=)

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